Horseracing Wrongs

The California Horse Racing Board has approved a measure that will increase – yes, increase – the number of times a jockey is allowed to strike his horse down the stretch. Currently, jockeys must wait for a “response” after three consecutive strikes of the “riding crop”; the new rule will make it four, at least over the last 16th of a mile. The measure passed 4-3; the deciding vote, says CBS/SF, came from active jockey Alexis Solis. Beyond the ridiculous conflict of interest, there is this (CBS):

Solis…expressed his support for the four-strike limit, recounting a recent race in which his horse was tired and he hit her for a fourth time, despite the three-limit rule, and got her to win. He said he had to pay a $200 fine, but that it was worth it because he won the grand prize.

“I have to be very…

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