Horseracing Wrongs

From the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club’s minutes, July 26-August 1:

“Jockey JAMES GRAHAM came to the office to review his crop use during two races yesterday. In the seventh, we wanted to review his flagging style to the extent that his flagging looks very similar to a strike. We asked that he be a little more clear with respect to whether he was whipping or flagging both from a stewarding standpoint, as well as a perception [italics added] standpoint. We also reviewed the third race. Although Mr. Graham was initially skeptical about whether he had struck his mount four times in succession, the video made that fact clear.” Fine: $300

“Jockey BRICE BLANC called yesterday in lieu of his hearing this morning. He examined his ride in the first race and acknowledged that he violated the crop rule. He explained that his mount was pulling up, but also acknowledged that…

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