Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Jasper Chemtrails-Aerosols Actual photo used by Dr. Kirkby to demonstrate “jets dumping aerosols”

This video excerpt from Dr. Kirkby’s 2009 CERN presentation makes it clear that IPCC climate scientists, Geoengineers and government agencies are fully aware that jet aircraft are dumping aerosols into the atmosphere with the effect of deliberate climate warming.

Jasper Kirkby is a particle physicist currently engaged with cloud physics research at CERN – the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

Looking beyond greenhouse gases, Kirkby’s work looks to a causative link between cosmic rays and global warming.

Kirkby says:  “These are clouds seeded by jets dumping aerosols into the upper atmosphere”.

In an article published in the journal NATURE” Kirkby reports that cosmic rays “seemed to enhance the production of nanometre-sized particles from the gaseous atmosphere by more than a factor of ten.” He added, however, that the particles in question are far too small to serve as cloud condensation nuclei.


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