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Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

IPCC Chemtrails Global Warming Agenda

Climate Change Engineering:  A Project of the United Nations/IPCC

Undeniable Evidence of Large Scale Climate Engineering (CE)

A growing body of compelling evidence is now consistent with a deliberate global climate warming agenda.   Covert dumping of  metallic aerosols  into the troposphere – including the associated electromagnetic propagation sources – appear intended to raise surface temperatures and control large regions of the earth’s atmosphere in order to engineer an artificial “climate change” – including attempts to melt polar ice fields.  Additional effects of CE eco-weapons are the production of targeted droughts, floods and tornadoes whereby water and other natural resources can be controlled and ultimately owned by corporations.

carnicom mug-bInvestigator, Cliff Carnicom published a 2016 editorial that clearly establishes that the role of solar radiation management (SRM) does NOT include mitigation of global warming. Instead, the deliberate deployment of aerosols into the troposphere can only aggravate and/or create global warming. [ A Clash of Evidence: The…

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