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abused dogs

From People Magazine: It’s a shocking photo – two puppies, marred by abuse and disease – made sweeter by the unexpected moment at its center: One is comforting the other, in a “perfect example” of the compassion animals feel for one another.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC says two of its young dogs, Sammie and Simon, have formed a special bond after Sammie was recently brought in to Paws & Claws Animal Clinic in South Carolina for treatment in critical condition. Both animals were “saved from different shelters in South Carolina” and brought in to the Columbia clinic for treatment, according toRescue Dogs Rock NYC.

Simon, a roughly 1-year-old mixed-breed who has mange (a skin disease caused by mites), came Monday night to comfort Sammie, a roughly 5-month-old boxer mix who had been through a nightmare of his own – shot in the head, dragged…

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