of course they are being sprayed with coal ash & heavy metals & molds, WE ALL ARE – TIME TO WAKE UP WORLD

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Chemtrails Carbon Black Melt Actic Ice

The following story is no surprise to those who’ve been following the covert dumping of aerosols into the atmosphere, including carbon black ash particulates that can increase the melting rate of arctic ice. We can easily imagine the event described in the story is due to mechanical or pilot error when a load of black ash was accidently deployed over the population surrounding Selfridge Air Base.

This report reveals that local officials have no policy in place to adequately respond to a potential terror attack, or to determine if unknown substances falling from the sky onto populations below are a HAZMAT concern.

Harrison Township is a boating community located on Lake St. Clair just a few short miles south of Selfridge Air Base – also located on the Lake St. Clair.

With the dumping of black ash landing on the Harrison population, we can easily guess that Lake St. Clair was probably contaminated with the same pollution with the plausible mission…

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